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At Magna, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a smart, rapidly growing team that works together to solve complex problems.
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If you’re looking for an opportunity that will provide on-the-ground experience that you can’t get anywhere else, Magna would love to hear from you.

We provide comprehensive training in client & relationship management, project management, and support in earning your Salesforce certification to help set you up for success. Yes, you’ll learn valuable tech skills, but even more importantly, you’ll have the unique opportunity to work directly with impressive clients, get facetime with our leadership team, and join a rapidly growing team doing work you can truly be proud of.
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Magna Technology Group
The Big 4
Project Diversity
Each Analyst is staffed on a number of projects (4-7 depending on size) across several different industries. This forces the Analyst to be nimble and grow faster.
Typically you will be staffed on one large, 7-figure project at a time, for multiple months.
Client Size
Mid-Market to Fortune 500
Fortune 500+
We expect our team to feel busy, but not overwhelmed. Although we all move at a fast pace, it’s important to our team to staff appropriately.

It’s no secret that the Consulting space, similar to finance/banking requires a high number of hours. This typically can result in burnout and high churn.

Upward Mobility
Magna has promotion periods in June and December, with straightforward eligibility requirements. It’s entirely possible to join our company, and within 3 months become a “mentor” for a newly hired employee. The mentor program is designed as a first step towards management. We coach people to give and receive feedback to prepare them for management very early on.
Big 4 firms have organizational structure and promotion policies that have been in place for decades. You may be qualified for a promotion, but may not be promoted due to reasons outside of your control.
We may spend 1-2 days on site for clients for intro Discovery or Training, but we are most efficient at home. We do not offer to execute a full project on site.
It’s common to spend a significant amount of time on site visiting clients.
Working Remotely

We will always be remote. Magna has a physical office in Brooklyn, NY and will offer WeWork day passes if you’d like to get out of the house. We provide all office equipment to comfortably work from home (desk, chair, monitor, computer, keyboard, ect).

Some firms may consider forcing employees going back to the office, even a few days a week.

Annual Leave Blackout

It’s important for our team members to spend time with family friends. We’ll work with you to get the time you need, when you need it.

During the busy season, you will not be allowed any vacation or personal time off, which will restrict travel plans.
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