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We help clients gain and integrate cutting edge capabilities by coupling world class expertise and the agility of a member of your team.

The core observation behind founding Magna Technology Group was the understanding that companies could buy the exact same systems, enabling the exact same capabilities, and still get wildly different outcomes.

Who we are

Magna was founded to enable our customers’ digital transformation based on their business goals and unique constraints, not out-of-the-box solutions.

We work as an extension of your team to bring you the Salesforce expertise needed to make the most of your investment and ensure that your in-house resources are trained to utilize your new tech stack to its fullest capabilities.

Understanding this, we set out to build an elite group of practical, outcomes-focused technologists to ensure that each client we work with gets the very best out of the technological capabilities they buy. We take on complexity and confusion, and deliver simplicity and clarity.


Meet the founders

Magna Technology Group was founded by Peyton Smith Jr. and Adam Blake in 2017.  In past lives they were co-workers; spending many late nights trying to answer the questions like: what kinds of technology investments truly move the needle?  Why do certain deployments of technology yield massively different outcomes?  Can growing companies adopt the most effective tactics of the Amazons of the world, and if so, where do they start? Magna Technology Group is the ever-evolving answer to those questions. Since launching, Magna has quickly developed a reputation as a best-in-class technology consultancy and has rapidly grown its team of Salesforce & Digital Transformation experts.

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