Magna Marketing, LLC Announces Rebrand and Changes Name to Magna Technology Group

Brooklyn, NY, 5/14/23

Magna Marketing, a Salesforce preferred partner, is thrilled to announce its new name and logo, marking a transformative milestone in its company history. 

The rebranding reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to growth and innovation in technology. 

Magna was initially founded to help Sales & Marketing leaders deploy their most mission-critical technology in an effort to achieve the highest and best use of those applications. Over the past several years, the company has outgrown its initial mission and now deploys technology across the entirety of the enterprise as well as develops its own custom applications for clients.

With a development team spanning multiple countries; the company has built new technological capabilities in an effort to provide the most cutting-edge digital transformation solutions to its clients.

The company is excited to pursue opportunities to broaden its portfolio to the entirety of the Salesforce suite of products and to develop software solutions inside and independent of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Visit to explore the new logo, website, and brand.

About Magna Technology Group (MTG)

Magna Technology Group is a rapidly growing technology consultancy leading clients through digital transformation leveraging Salesforce technology.

Media Contact:

Gregory Forte

Director of Operations

[email protected]

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